I was a PUMA-now I long for CHANGE!

I was for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. When she lost I was upset. I didn't think that the Obama camp treated her very well at all. I especially didn't like the way that his followers treated her. I didn't know what I was going to do or who I was going to vote for.

Then McCain decided to put Palin on the ticket. A woman who doesn't value education (as shown by the fact that her son was a high school drop out, her pregnant teen age daughter has been to high school "here and there", her soon to be son in law dropped out of high school, and her daughters on the campaign trail are not in school either),

a woman who can't put a coherent sentence together-from the ABC interview:

VARGAS: But the point being that you haven't been so bruised by some of the double standard, the sexism on the campaign trail, to say, "I've had it. I'm going back to Alaska."

PALIN: Absolutely not. I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we've taken, that ... that would ... bring this whole ... I'm not doin' this for naught. (I had to paste this section word for word since I have no idea what she was trying to actually say)

A woman who thinks that her employer should pay for her kids travel expenses no matter what-
Bristol, Piper and Willow, Palin’s daughters, accrued $32,629 in travel expenses while Palin’s husband Todd raked up $22,174 - all billed to the state for a total of $54,803.00. She now has 2- count them 2- abuse of power complaints against her.

I want to vote for a woman on the ticket. But I want to vote for a woman who is qualified, who is smart, articulate, and has believes that America not only does good in this world now- but can always do better. I WILL NOT vote for a woman just because she is a woman, John McCain. I will not vote for hate and fear, for anger and contempt, for lies and half truths, for the politics of the past. I will not vote for John McCain because of Sarah Palin.

But I will vote for Barrack Obama. Hope and change vs. anger and fear. My son has never lived in an America not at war. Think about that. Never. I don't want him to have 4 or 8 more years of the same old way of thinking- of doing things. Change. That's what I want for him, for all of us. Change.


drwende said...

I want to vote for a person I can trust and respect. I want to LIVE in a world where a major party puts a woman of that caliber on their ticket.

I was on the fence for most of the election season and ultimately voted for Obama because he behaves like a gentleman: he reasons, he listens, he promotes a voice of moderation and decency. McCain's conduct on the campaign trail (including choosing Palin over more qualified Republican women) has been less than heroic.

lorijo said...

If McCain would have picked- say- Kay Baily Hutchinson-or Condoleeza Rice- I would have looked at the ticket. at least they are qualified for the position.

I too like how Obama is so calm. So decent. No loud voices, no yelling- no drama Obama. Not like erratic McCain who's here, there and everywhere.
Obama is taking his kids trick or treating tonight- with less than 96 hours left- he's putting his FAMILY first. You have to love that about him.