weekly round up!

With everything going on in everyones lives I am amazed any of us have time for blogging. Although I am not commenting or posting as much as I had been- I am reading and following! I decided that a round up was the way to go this week because it has been CRAZY here at my house.

The biggest thing first- my Dad is going back for heart surgery. He had a stent put in in March. He started getting some more pains last month and finally saw his heart doctor yesterday. One stress test later and he's going back under the knife on Wednesday. Same artery- but the cause is unknown. It may be a failed stent, may be something else. But all his "numbers" (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc...)look great, he's skinny and in good physical condition- if you don't take his heart into consideration.

Because of my son and his school though, I won't be able to travel with my Mother this time around. My husband is traveling every week this fall for business and I am the only care giver the kid has. My Mom is a big girl though- and will be able to handle this fine (fingers crossed)

The next biggest thing is the septic situation is being fixed as I type! Remember that in August the septic failed. I have been living with a severe water situation since then- trotting my dirty laundry around the county- timed showers- not nearly as much flushing as I would prefer. Well, work has started! Here are some pictures-

The back of the yard- the guys are near the actual septic tank. 1000 gallons of special-ness.
the rocks that are needed to make the new drain field - along with a lot of pipe
the yard is pretty big until you get machinery down there. They have to dig down/scrape off 7 ft of my back yard (the septic is buried very deep) in an area that is 450 sq ft. Then there is a little over a foot of pipes and stones, then 3 ft of fill material on top of the field and it's done ! My yard will be a series of stepped areas when it's done. It's going to be a interesting situation to say the least. I just hope we can mow it easily in the end.

To get my mind off of everything I took the boy to the zoo- they have a new lion enclosure that's really nice- but the boy really likes the monkeys, the snakes, and the penguins.

I have actually gotten a chance to work on two new dolls- one is finished and was a special order- the other is just in the beginning stages and has no home. Here is the head-hopeful I will get to make the body this week.

On a very sad note- it is being reported that Paul Newman died last night after a long illness.

My very favorite actor in the entire world. Rest in peace sir.


scb said...

1. I'm so sorry your Dad has to have surgery again. Hope everything goes well, and he'll be feeling fine again soon. Hugs to you all.

2. I'm very glad you've finally got that wretched septic tank fixed. What an experience!

3. I saw some little voodoo doll keychains in Zellers (chain store) -- I immediately thought "Lorijo's are WAAAAAY better than this!"

4. I hadn't heard about Paul Newman. He always seemed like a classy actor, and man, to me. May he rest in peace.

lorijo said...

thanks. I think everything will be ok. The only issue I have with Dads surgery is that he's on Plavix so he bleeds a lot- a lot. That bothers me with them mucking around in an artery.

I didn't realize that you had seen my dollies. Thanks.

The septic is still not fixed!!!!! the hole is gigantic though- it should be done soon- oh, please let it be done soon!!!!!