I just may be having a mid life crisis....

Right now I feel rather adrift- out of sync. My son started pre school this week. I knew this day was going to come, but still, it's rather a shock that my little baby is growing up. It won't be long now until everything I do or say will become a major embarrassment to him. It'll be a while I know, but that day will come, just like pre school day came.

Having all my hair cut off was an attempt to get out of my rut- shock my system I guess. Try to find out who or what I am now. Things haven't changed much in my life for going on 4 1/2 years. My day to day routine is pretty much set. Now that I have 3 mornings off to myself each and every week I don't even know what to do. The first day I wandered around a store. The second day I also wandered around a store. I don't want to do that again, so I have to figure this out and soon.

I have bought a few books- one on art dolls because I want to get right back to making my dolls when the weather changes. I also bought Style Statement- (thanks SCB Mella- at least I think it was Mella) maybe figuring out key things about my preferences and style- and learning to listen to myself- will also help. I have only gotten about half way through that book so I don't have MY style statement worked out yet- but I have gotten some good insights already so I have hope for the second half of the book!

My hip and back are still killing me. I can walk (finally) but dressing is difficult and sitting is pretty painful. It seemed to get better for a while then I think I over did it. At least that is what I am telling myself. I think a Dr. visit is in my near future.


drwende said...

This is a very normal crisis, though damn! pain and difficulty walking make everything seem so much worse, if only from sheer frustration.

Getting kiddo to pre-school age was a big project; you're supposed to feel at loose ends after finishing a big project.

lorijo said...

When was diagnosed with cancer I remember thinking that if only I could be around to get him to start school I'd be ok. I never really considered what I would do when he went- because I wasn't sure I'd be around. Now that things are looking better, I should probably get a plan together.

candy said...

Lorijo, I'm glad to hear you're finding the style statement book useful... I've just begun interning at Carrie & Danielle Inc. and have my own style statement session scheduled for a couple of weeks from now - hopefully I'll be able to get good use out of the book as you are! Keep the rest of us posted on how you are finding the rest of the book... (I've only thumbed through it at this point)

On another note, when I headed off to school, my mom filled up all the extra time with things she never got a chance to do when I was younger - yoga lessons, charity work, and renovating/redecorating the house... perhaps one of these activities will pique your interest?