I am Natural Timeless-ness.

I made it through Style Statement finally. I shouldn't make it sound like that. It was interesting to read and to do the questions. It's funny, I kind of thought that this would be a load of crap. That I would do the tests, answer the questions and at the end I wouldn't have any more insights about myself than when I started. I was wrong.

I still am going back and forth with myself over whether I am natural or organic. I may go back in a few weeks and look back over everything I have done with fresh eyes. But I am confident in my choices- and natural and organic are close to each other (in my eyes)-so I'm not worried.

I went into this thinking I was some modern/contemporary style, but looking back the clues were always around me. I prefer danish modern furniture to mid century modern. I hate things that are plastic and new. I love to go to auctions and thrift stores to shop- the items have a history that you just can't get in a regular store. I love handcrafted items- especially wood items. My idea of a dream home would be turning one of the old storefronts (from the 1800's) in our downtown into a a loft and garden/home store. I would rather wear my old Levis than just about anything else and I would rather spend the day with my son planting stuff in my gardens or painting than just about anything else. It makes sense why I HAD to have that old buffet this spring and turned it into my work desk. Everyone seemed so surprised that I liked it, that I fixed it and re finished it within weeks. It seemed so not my style. It was- they just didn't know it.

SO, I'm off to re think my decor right now(it's fall and the living, dining and bedrooms all change with the season) and then to work on my fall and winter wardrobe. I feel like I have a plan now though, and I feel stronger for it.

I worked on another voodoo/art doll and it's almost finished. It's at my other blog here . I didn't just want to post the pictures because it is rather spooky and it makes some people uncomfortable.


candy @ carrieanddanielle.com said...

Glad to hear you finished your style statement! I've just started interning at C&D and have my style statement session booked for next week... any tips on what I should do or prepare beforehand?

Cheers, Candy

scb said...

It's a very interesting process, isn't it? I feel that I'm growing into my Style Statement of Refined Creative more and more as I think and experience and choose things with the Statement in mind. Glad you found it a good experience.