Limbo isn't just a party game

A little more septic news- Monday we got a call from the septic company. It seems the transfer company they use ( the transfer company takes the truckloads of waste and does what ever the hell they need to do to make it less gross) got shut down by the DEQ (dept. of environmental quality) due to a paperwork issue. It may be down for a few weeks. That means that the septic companies in the area are also down (they can't work if they can't get rid of the waste) SO- it's LIMBO time!!! We are just being careful about our water usage and monitoring the situation. I hate this- I will never again complain about doing laundry. The good news is that I have been doing my laundry at my Moms house (she's been doing some for me too) and if things get hairy here next week we'll just go live there for a little bit- they'll be on vacation! It's still not a horrible situation. We'll see how long this goes on though.....

In addition to all this we learned that a classmate of ours from High School unexpectedly died last Thursday. She was only 42. Causes are not known yet, but she may have passed away from an aneurysm. She had been feeling unwell and had bad headaches. She just flew last week. Thursday she went to bed early and died. We went to her funeral yesterday. She wasn't a close friend of mine- at one point we dated friends so we did hang out for a while- but she was my husbands first real crush in 8th grade.

There was a few of us from school there-and the discussion was- is this what we have to look forward too? Is it really our time to start losing classmates to natural causes?


Alana in Canada said...

Oh dear. 42 is untimely. You shouldn't have to worry about this for another 20 years or so. My Dad dies at 42, too.

drwende said...

My parents are in their early 60s, and their friends aren't dying off yet, so I think you've got a while before the era of dark humor about seeing old friends each year at funerals.

It's just that the early ones are such shockers.