Guilty pleasures- everyone's got them. Here is the old Meme-plus Fashion!

It has taken me a while to sit down to post anything- life is crazy right now. The septic is still dead and now we have to start the permit process. My husband is sick- it may be his gall bladder- he's at the hospital right now. My son starts pre school on the 2nd, and I am SO not ready for that. My Aunt is driving my Mother crazy- my cousin is out of work (so is her husband) and it doesn't appear to anyone that they are even trying to look for a job (and she has 2 kids so it's a bigger deal- I guess. I don't know. I refuse to get involved) so she calls my Mom daily to vent.

To take my mind off of all that- here's a small list of guilty pleasures.

1. Music. This is easy . ABBA, Rick Springfield, George Micheal and WHAM!, AC/DC. Wildly divergent I know, but I grew up in the 80's - when music and fashion wasn't so much an art form.

2. TV. Top Gear. BBC America has this great show- I mean who doesn't like watching 3 guys test drive 250,000 dollar European sports cars? I like racing- NOT NASCAR- racing. But what really makes me laugh is when the hosts buy 1000 dollar beater cars and drive them across Africa (or from Florida to New Orleans) or when they buy these horrid used cars and then "test" them- like by testing their suspension systems by driving over a brick road with a colander of eggs over their heads. I also love "clean house" on the Style network. Neicy Nash makes this show for me. It's not really the clean part I enjoy- it's the dirty before houses (foolishness and mayhem!) that make me feel better about my own. I won't even talk about Dr. Who and Torchwood. My favorite shows- along with Lost and House. They are not guilty pleasures. I am proud of them!

3. Movies. "Another Woman" with Justine Bateman of all people. It's a Harlequin romance novel movie. It's usually on O or lifetime about midnight- and I have to stay up and watch it-it's awful though. I'm just warning you. The other type of movie I love but don't talk about is stuff like "Motel Hell". Funny, stupid scary movies about serial killers.

4. Food. Fritos. I love me some Fritos- especially when made into a Frito Pie. (Fritos, chili, cheese and onions) The other thing is Italian Cream Cake. YUMMY

5. Books. Chuck Palaunik. The guy who brought you "Fight Club". I also love a series of books written in the 30's and 40's (with some updates later) called the "American Guide Series" and they are a complete travel-guide type book about a state (there are 48 I guess, unless they did a HI and AK later) I have the one for Michigan and Texas already. I will have to do a later posting about these books because they are a hoot (and are unfortunately a clear reminder of racism, sexism and all sorts of bad -isms)

6. Fashion- Black cotton stretch yoga pants with a t shirt (for around the house) and flip flops. I have about 5 pair of black stretch pants and usually change into them within moments of entering my house.


Anne (in Reno) said...

I LOVE Top Gear! Mmm, and did you see the one with David Tennant? So awesome! I need to be YouTubing that show more often.

lorijo said...

I have been watching them all summer! My son loves them too......

And yes, I did see David " I can't find 3rd" Tennant!

drwende said...

Whoa! MUST see if we get BBC America here.

George Michael is not a guilty pleasure. George Michael is a cultural icon.