Spring cure wrap up.

I am done with the spring cure. There are a few more items to do (maybe) this summer. But here is my final list of what I did.

Sons room.
Here I removed all of his cowboy stuff.


  • We took down the shelf system on the one wall and put up a new shelf system on a smaller wall. The shelf system we put up was recovered from the kitchen and the shelf system we took down is going to be re used in the mud room.

  • b4
  • I took the large dresser out of his room and replaced it with a smaller one. The large dresser is going into my sewing room. The smaller one was already in our storage room. I just used paint that I already had to fix it up.

  • after

  • I took a few old books and framed the pictures for the art in his room. The books I had, the frames I had to buy.
  • I put up new lighter colored curtains. I made them from Ikea sheets and hung them with rings I already owned. I did need to purchase a new wooden rod though
  • I made a few things out of some fabric- a small curtain to put over his toy shelves, and some furry fabric to make the bull horns look more like water buffalo.
  • after
  • I bought him new pillowcases. 6 to be exact. He sweats a lot out of his head and I need to change them almost daily when it's warm.
  • new lanterns for nightlights.
  • we bought him material to make a tent for his safari styled room, but didn't put it up due to the safety issue.

Here is the dollar breakdown.

  1. Ikea sheets for curtains- 6.00
  2. Ikea tent stuff 5.00
  3. wood curtain rod 8.00
  4. asst. frames 20.00
  5. Nightlights 10.00
  6. linens (pillowcases) 11.00
  7. fabrics-horns etc 5.00

Total - 65.00

Living room

I put up the summer curtains, cleaned and organized, brought up the big blue rug. My Mr just bought me a new footstool for the plycraft chair this past weekend.

Total $ footstool 15.00

I tried out a new backsplash color, but in the end just painted it white. I had all the paint already on hand that I used. I cleaned, threw out old food, and organized.

Total- 50.00 for kitchen cart ( I had the paint)

Dining room

I bought a mat for a print I framed using frames I already had. I put up my summer curtains and sheers. I cleaned.

Total $ mat for picture 6.00


I repainted the entire room, cleaned, organized, we built the new wall for the heat vent.

Total $ for wall 15.00- the paint was leftover from my bathroom paintjob last fall....


I cleaned and organized them. I didn't do anything much because this summer the main bath is getting re done- new floor, lights, sink and cabinet (all of which I already have) I bought a light on final clearance for 20.00, the cabinet and sink were on clearance for 30.00 (or 35.00 I can't remember) and the flooring is leftovers from the kitchen. I have plenty of paint to repaint too...but I am not counting the fixtures for the cure since they are still in the garage.

main bath my 1/2 bath
total $ 0

My bedroom
I cleaned, organized, new curtains, tried out paint-decided not to paint for a while.

total $ spent curtains (4 panels) 25.00

SO my fall cure total was 176.00 spent. That's mainly on the footstool, cart, 6 pillow cases, 4 panels of curtains and a wall. Less than I had thought. I was lucky that I was able to re use so much stuff that I already had, and that I have an awful lot of building materials and supplies already. I think that I pulled about 500.00 worth of garage sale stuff out this time around so we'll see how that works out in June. I am pleased with the results. Because I got all the deep cleaning and organizing done so soon this year, I can do more of this......


Alana in Canada said...

Great wrap-up!

I'm glad it was less expensive that you'd thought--that's always a nice surprise!

The changes are terrific and I'm impressed and inspired by your hard work and resourcefulness.

On a purely selfish note, I'm glad you did the cure--everytime I felt a bit discouraged and needed some motivation, I could pretty much always count on a great post from you that would get me up and moving again--so thank you!

lorijo said...

Oh, Alana- when I would get mired down I would read your posts and see how much work YOU were doing in the basement! I have to thank you too....

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

great job- astonishing what we can accomplish without huge outlays. I love tracking everyone's progress, and I still have chair envy Lorijo!