Midweek update-progress report for week 5 Apartment Therapy Cure

The weather outside is cruddy- cold and wet - so this is going to be a great week for working inside.

We got a few things done on Saturday that I don't think I wrote about- my husband took down all of the planter boxes (5) off of our porch and disposed of them. One fell off last week, and another was well on it's way. I have to figure out what to do next, and soon. Planting season is coming up faster than I would like to admit. We also decided where to move a tree that is currently way to close to our house and gas pipes. I moved up all of the back deck furniture from the lower deck to the upper deck. That's 2 large 6 or 7 ft tables, 4 benches and 2 chairs if you are so inclined to be counting. It's a good thing it's pouring rain outside because it's cleaning them off so I don't have to.

What I have done this week so far-

  • I have painted the secretary brown as a base color. I am testing a red middle color right now. I hope to have this done by the weekend. With it raining, I have to let it dry about 2 days per coat right now.

  • I put up some pieces of art in my sons room. I have many, many more to go, but I hope to have that completed by Sunday. I just couldn't stare at empty walls any longer.

  • I did general cleaning Monday and Tuesday. I stripped all the beds, did 5 loads of laundry so far, dishes, floors, cleaned the kitchen etc..... I also went grocery shopping and planned the menu for the week - Tuesday we had Sirloin steak on the grill with steak fries, today we are having Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy, Thursday is taco night, Friday will be pancakes with eggs, bacon and fruit, and Saturday is homemade pizza night. Yes, there are veggies every night, I just generally don't pick them until the night they are going to be eaten.

  • I did some research on coffee grounds in the garden. Apparently, they are very good for the soil (nitrogen and worms) and in compost piles. I decided to try it this spring.
  • I filled up 2 boxes of garage sale stuff to sell!
  • I planted 3 pine shrubs in the backyard. I am trying to put more vegetation on a problematic hillside we have.

What I have to do this week

  1. Spend about 2 hours in my studio and finish cleaning it
  2. get my husbands summer clothes out and put away the heavy winter stuff
  3. put our parkas and winter gear in storage
  4. bring up my summer shoes
  5. finish the pictures and frames for my sons room

  6. finish the secretary dresser and install it my sons room
  7. hem his curtains
  8. find an 18x24 frame for a painting
  9. move my sons old shelving system to the mud room for installation there
  10. have my husband finish his 2 projects-the bar table and the laundry room wall so I can prime and paint them. I guess that is also number 11.

That is an awfully large list. It may bleed over into next week if I don't get my butt in gear.


Alana in Canada said...

I work hard--but I cannot imagine myself working as hard as you do--every day! all the time (or so it seems!) Amazing. You washed five beds? None of my business--but 5? Wouldn't there only be two? And then you hauled up all that furniture--and planted shrubs?

I, too, have to plant...something. Maybe we should do "garden therapy."

I've been collecting coffee grounds for a few weeks, now. We put them wherever the dog starts to dig and it stops him cold. I imagine that the back yard will soon be one smallish brown field....

Take care of yourself--put those feet up from time to time.

lorijo said...

Alana- I stripped 2 beds, but did 5 loads of laundry. My husband makes more dirty laundry than anyone I have ever been in contact with. On a normal day this man goes through 2 bathtowels, washcloth, one set of dress clothes, one set of "play" clothes, and sleepwear. It's crazy. I counted, some days it's 16 pieces of dirty laundry from just one man.....

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

I'm a slacker. I officially admit it. Thankfully I'm off tomorrow, and might be able to do SOMETHING to catch up with you all!

lorijo said...

if the weather was better I would be a slacker too... it's just the weather is awful- cold, wet, and grey, so working inside isn't so bad!