It's been a busy 4 days

I am so ready for spring, but it's just not here yet. We had a mini flood here this week- it rained and rained- then of course, they said it would snow. It didn't reach all the way to where I lived, but some places got up to 7 additional inches. The Mackinaw bridge had ice (and accidents) but here it was just rain. Oh, and tornadoes. Don't forget the tornadoes.

The cure difficult for me right now. My knee is killing me, and I don't have a ton of energy to do anything right now. I actually took Friday off and went shopping.

Here is my "done" list for the cure as of right now, Sunday night.
  • finished painting the laundry room. I have cleaned it and organized it.
  • finished the secretary/dresser for the boys room, installed it, and hung the last of his art work, masks and horns. The tent is on hold right now, I don't know how safe I can make one for a rowdy almost 4 yr old. They toy curtain is done and hung too.
  • washed our winter coats (they are drying as I write this) that can be washed. The others are put in storage already, and these will join them when they are dry.
  • cleaned the front coat closet and hung our spring coats
  • brought up my spring/summer shoes and took down the winter shoes
  • I sold another doll, so I packed it up and shipped it
  • filled 4 new garage sale boxes and about 30 pieces of hanging clothes were moved to the garage sale rack
  • talked to the neighbors re:said garage sale ( I want them to join in this year) and I got us on the city wide garage sale map this year.
  • put in one hour of studio cleaning time. I think about 3 more will do it :(
  • found a frame for the sheik painting and hung that in my sons room
  • my husband is finishing the taxes tonight
  • went shopping at bought my art supplies on sale and 2 dress shirts, 1 pr dress slacks and sweatpants for my Mr.
  • grocery shopped for the week and made the menu- this week we are having- fish n chips, grilled pork tenderloin, homemade pizza, chicken fried chicken, hamburgers on the grill, and a ham. Yes, I said a ham. It was on sale and there was a small one.


drwende said...

*sigh* Your "not a ton of energy" is my "more than I'd get done in a week."

zooza said...

Ditto what Wende said. My day's energy was all used up just reading your list.

BTW, I'm glad your doll sales are going well - are you happy with the whole venture?

lorijo said...

you know, I am really. I understand that with the economy the way it is, very few people have the disposable income for a 70 dollar art doll, so I am very honored that some are spending that with me. I am glad that others like them, but I really make them for myself.

Alana in Canada said...

ditto what Wende and Zooza said. But I want to tell you, I look at my kitchen floor everyday and say: if Lorijo can clean hers, then I can too. Of course, I haven't quite reached this lofty goal, but I think we might get there.

Sorry about the flooding. You didn't mention any damage, so I hope everything escaped unscathed.

lorijo said...

yes, the flooding is going down in the back yard now. We live in a flood plain, but they built the house on a hill so the water gets really high, but it would take a monumental amount of water to flood our house.