Wardrobe Therapy catch up post.

I have only been out of the loop for 4 days and yet, it feels like 4 weeks. I need to center my thinking and calm down. I decided to do some small housework and my wardrobe therapy interview. My son is watching Playhouse Disney- it's such a treat for him! Did I tell you I finished potty training? OK, I know how to use the bathroom, that came out wrong. My 3 yr old son is toilet "trained". I hate that phrase. He's a big boy now. YEA! NO more accidental washing diapers in the washer! No more icky diaper garbage! NO MORE SMELLS!

Ok, onward to the interview.

Wardrobe Therapy


I have got to do laundry- and I need to finish bringing up the spring/summer stuff so I can do piles. I also have to take away the winter stuff- package it up and store it for next year.


Really, this is simple for me. I need to weed out the nasty t shirts from last year and plan on getting new ones for summer. I have to really look at neck and sleeve cut, shapes and legnth. Those things are so important in t shirts.


Do the interview and start planning the wardrobe changes. My spring/summer is far different than anyone elses here I am sure, so it will be interesting to see how this goes. (this is the season that I play outside, garden and garage sale and flea market. None of those things need nice clothes)


For me that is a new hair color and a little shopping. Also, I get outside to move around more and I am very much looking forward to biking and rollerblading.

My Uniform for summer.
This is a white t shirt with a jean skirt/short thing on the bottom. It actually just looks like a skirt, but with a 3 yr old you can flash someone in a second picking him up so a skort is better for me. I find shorts icky (on me- not in general) .... sorry it's wrinkled, I just took it out of storage. I also wear black t shirts with a black skirt in the summer but it didn't photograph well.

This is my "dressy" summer look. T shirt with a flippy skirt. I wear flat sandals or ones with a small 2 inch heel.
This is my more business casual look. It's dark jeans or a med. wash jean, a white t, and a navy or a green jacket on top. You can sort of see the green jacket in the closet. If it's more casual and cooler I have a thin suede western style shirt I wear instead of the blazer.

SO those are my favorites and my wardrobe for spring. Summer is more the top 2 type of outfits , but summer in my neck of the woods can be rather cold so a jacket is often needed.


The colors I look best in are fall colors- dark red, green, brown, orange. I know black and white are to stark, but honestly I am not comfortable wearing color. I want to try to find some colorful stuff this season though. I look horrid in yellows ( I look like old cheese) and with slightly yellow and red undertones to my skin and red hair it's tough to find anything except greens and some blues that look good on me. Still, it's a goal.


Alana in Canada said...

Those are great uniforms. I quite like them.

How did you make that cool flickr slideshow? I just tried (and I tried looking in Blogger help, but no luck).

Did you use keyword? or username?
and if username--just thefarmer'sdaughter--or some other secret code?

I can't figure it out.

lorijo said...

The flickr show was a suprise to me! If you go to the layout page, then to add a page element, then to slideshow. There you pick source- flickr, tag user (not keyword) than enter your flickr username.

Thefarmermersdaughter is what I changed my name to, so I had to remember my original username, then I saw that it's in the line code up top when you are on flickr. Anyway, it'll load then you can add it to your page.
I hope that works for you.

drwende said...

I agree with Alana that your uniforms are cute!

lorijo said...

thanks- I think I am finally getting how I want (and need) to dress.

Alana in Canada said...

thanks lorijo, but I cannot get my photos to appear.

I don't know whose photos those are, though they are very nice.

lorijo said...

is it a picture of a chinese junk? sometimes I got that first, and I had to re enter my information ( I have done this on another blog too)