Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. It seems funny to be this old with a small child. Our friends kids are graduating college, getting married or having babies and toddlers like we do. There seems to be very little in the middle- they all seem to have started very early or late. When my mother was my age I was 20 (ish) I think, my brother would have been 18. Their lives (well, their 2nd act) were just starting. I will be 58 when my son turns 20, that is, if I survive potty training.

My husband designed metal antlers for me for my birthday. A student of his department actually did the welding (although he can weld). They are fantastic! I love them and we are going to put them on the outside of the house (so they can rust and get character) between the garage doors. PLUS, I start a welding class myself tomorrow. It's a welding class especially for artists- so I won't be learning how to weld for a living or anything- but I hope to be able to make a small decorative fence or garden stakes at the end of this!

Also, I have decided to put a few more of my dolls out there for sale. After discussing it with my brother (who knows this sort of stuff) I have a "business plan" and feel better about how to market and price the items. We'll see how this all goes......

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scb said...

The antlers are beautiful! And yay for the welding class and the business plan!!

As for feeling old-with-small-child, my mother was 35 when I was born... my aunt was 46 when she had her third (and last) child -- she was 32 and 34 for the first two. At that time, there weren't many people waiting that long before having children (I'm now 51, that youngest cousin is now 45, and both our mothers are still with us -- mine will soon be 87, and hers is 91!).