12 inches of snow in 12 hours!

That's what we got yesterday. I will not complain though. Tornados trump snowfall each and everytime. If anyone is reading from that portion of the country my prayers are with you.

I went to my first welding class on Tuesday evening. I SUCK at welding (so far). I will keep on trying for a while. I wasn't worried about the safety issue until the instructor started talking about everything that could go horribly( and fatally )wrong. We started out on oxy-Acetylene torches. You know, things that go boom ! Anyway, it was interesting- not really fun in the pure sense of the word- but interesting. A friend of ours welds art sculptures out of found objects and has a large set up. He offered to teach me, but he welds drunk, and I would like to learn how to do somethings safely and from someone sober.

I am going to put a few more dolls of mine out for sale. 4 or 5. I set up the deal today. I can't honestly say that I am excited. I don't generally get excited over business deals, and that is what this is really. And, I don't honestly care if anyone likes my art. I don't do it for others. I was happy to hear that the good luck voodoo doll I made for my Mother (for Christmas) seems to be working- over $2500 for my Mom so far in Nevada!

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CQ in DC said...

I'm so jealous- I would love to learn to weld.

(I can already here the screams of fear from anyone who knows me in real life!)