What do I do all day?

I get that question everyday. It's usually phrased "so- what did you do today?" and I think my Mr. just wants to know I had a good day- but that question is asked of me daily. So- I thought that I would write down what a semi normal day is for me.

I get up about 9 to 9:30. My boy lets me sleep that late most mornings, and yes, I know I am lucky. I have a cup of coffee (or 3)-get the boy a milk or yogurt an oatmeal breakfast cookie and a banana- and watch the news,( because I am a huge news junkie) and plan my day. I have planners, but I use large post it note stuck to my computer usually. I don't usually prioritize my list- I know what's really important.
Yesterday I had a pretty productive day and this is what I did
  • I did the dishes
  • I cleaned the kitchen- this included the pantry, the floor, the cabinets, the sink and the countertops.
  • 1 load of laundry
  • dusted the entire house- even the bedrooms
  • made my boy lunch- he is on the hotdog, cheese, goldfish, and apple diet right now ;)
  • cleaned my bedroom
  • cleaned my sons room,put away some wipes etc
  • vacuumed the entire house
  • patched some nail holes in the hallway ( I am re doing my picture walls) and painted those patches when they dried
  • I made dinner (homemade enchiladas -with homemade chili sauce-with corn and a mexican salad as a side dish )
  • did about 4 puzzles with my boy (he loves puzzles)
  • colored and did general play with my boy
  • my boy also "helped" with the vacuuming and the dusting.

Today was messed up from the git go. We had a huge snowfall last night (and continuing now) and my Mr. put his car in the ditch this morning going to work. After I got the call at 7:30 to get him a tow truck number-my routine changed dramatically. (He is ok and so is the car) but that's ok. I don't have a hard and fast routine and it can be changed depending on circumstances.


scb said...

I'm tired just reading about it. But I'd like to do puzzles with you and your little boy -- I like puzzles, too.

drwende said...

One thing we quickly learn is that cleaning your home actually is a lot to do!

When we had a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment, the husband seriously believed I could clean it in an hour, two at the outside. Then he tried, and at the end of the weekend, he still wasn't done.

That's not a pitch for smaller houses so much as for recognizing that housekeeping can require a good deal of time and effort.

CQ in DC said...

hey I see a kitchen I recognize on the January Jumpstart contest page. looks great!

I hate housekeeing...