Housekeeping therapy?

Newly finished backsplash
Well, housekeeping and cleaning are not my favorite things in the world, but I hate dirt and grime even more. Dirt and clutter make me nervous. I tend to be a bit bi-polar when it comes to cleaning though. I can let things go for a while (way to long) then go into a cleaning frenzy.

I was trying to figure out my housekeeping style to do my "interview", and it's actually harder than I had imagined. Reading everyone else's interviews just seemed to make it worse. Well, here it goes-

3 words that describe my housekeeping style

  1. Scattered

  2. haphazard

  3. incomplete

What is my housekeeping icon and why

I didn't realize people had those. I guess if I had to say anyone it would be Kim Woodburn from How clean is your house? I love the BBC America. Kim is the rather stout blond who wears those crazy fur lined gloves and hits on all the men. I like the show for two reasons. The first is because those houses are FILTHY. Far more disgusting than my house has ever been or will ever be. Seeing that mess makes me feel better immediately. The second is because it gets me in the mood to clean. Since the show comes on every afternoon for an hour (2 episodes) I can usually get myself motivated for at least 20 minutes of hard cleaning.

What do I want from my home?

I just want it to look nice. I want it pretty tidy, but not pristine like a magazine. I have a husband, 3 yr old, an old bad dog, and an old big cat. It's never going to be perfect, but I want it to to tidy and smell good.

What is standing in my way


My husband, 3 yr old, bad dog, and cat. Really.


see above . No, I guess it's that if I spend to much time on cleaning I am ignoring my son . Not enough time and I am failing at my job.


I have everything I need and more.

Well, that's it for the interview. I have tried a lot of different cleaning methods in the past. I want to figure something out where stuff gets done, and we still have time to do things. I hate spending time on the weekend cleaning when we could be doing something together (or fun) . I also want my Mr. and my boy to be better at cleaning and organizing than they are right now. Although I think getting a 3 yr old to pick up his toys is a pretty good feat, I would like it to be more consistant.

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scb said...

You've got a good starting point here. I don't know that people really have Housekeeping Icon people, but I figured it would help us focus on who can motivate us. You picked a good one!

I'm glad you're going to be in this with us. The more the merrier!