Week 8- potent potions

I have to admit that I have a problem with makeup, lotions, perfumes etc.... I love them and collect them. During apartment therapy this time I did manage to cull the herd a bit. I threw out a large garbage bag full of outdated, old, and smelly stuff. I also got rid of all of my old medicines, hairbrushes, etc... at the same time. That said, I never really took it further, and I'm sure this week when I go through some of the baskets I will find holes in product coverage.

Since it's late and I don't want to pile or sort, I am going to skip through Breath and Bones and focus instead on the creativity resolutions. ( don't think I won't do them though) I have actually been thinking of this prior to Wende bringing it up. I have three, and only three. I believe they each have projects for blogging, and measurable, attainable goals. So here goes:

Creativity Resolutions
1. I want to take better care of myself. How does this feed into creativity resolutions you may ask? Why, I will tell you. I love to cook. I would like to cook better and healthier. To do that, I need to try new recipes, techniques, etc... Bloggable and measurable. And cooking can be quite creative. So there.

2. Return to painting. I used to paint all the time. Mostly acrylics. I have a bunch of canvas that I never got around to using when I quit a few years back. I want to paint again.

3. My dolls. I want to keep on doing them, and to learn new sewing and beading techniques to keep them fresh and new. I might even think about selling more. Maybe doing a few more art type dolls.

So, that is my creativity resolutions for 08. I would like to break down all my resolutions for next year into this- I want to be healthier, I want to spend less money, I want to create new creative outlets for myself. A little vague maybe, but doable. (fingers crossed)

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drwende said...

I have actually been thinking of this prior to Wende bringing it up

And I brought it up because I had a feeling it was generally in the air, though I can't put a finger on why.