Cleaning out the leftovers of week 7

I don't really have much to say about this week. I don't have a lot of items unaccounted for and what I have for the most part works for me.

Party/Dress up. I wish that you could hear me laugh. I have no use for a party outfit anymore. A lot of the clothes that I own are far to dressy for up here already. I have 2 long skirts and a beautiful cream colored silk shell that are like a dinner dress when put together. I probably will never wear it here though.....

exercise wear. I guess that means shoes for me. Yoga pants and t shirts. yup, got them. When I find comfortable new yoga pants I will be buying some more.

Luggage. I have a weekend bag from Banana Republic that is rather nice, a Tumi suit bag, and a vintage metal Haliburten suitcase- all very nice. I have a wheeled small suitcase suitable for carry on a plane- but since I no longer fly- and don't believe that I will ever set foot on an airplane again, this is now a weekender. I also have 2 pieces of Jansport a big duffel bag and smaller tote - both with pirates on them. (my son picked them out)

I have 2 odd pieces- 2 blue saris. I don't know why I have them and I don't know what I am going to do with them.

Umbrellas- I have a nice large plaid one that lives in my car.

Well, those are my leftovers. Not really exciting huh????


drwende said...

Leftovers are a success when they are not exciting. It's the "why the bleeping bleep do I own THAT?" moments that elicit worry.

lorijo said...

I am so pleased then! Maybe I'm not a hoarder after all.....