What's in my Bag ??? Bag 3- Franco Sarto

This is the bag that I currently carry. It fits under my arm nicely and doesn't slip to much. It has a black interior (sorry SCB) with a few small pockets and a zipper pouch inside.

Inside I carry- my reading glasses, my wallet, a makeup bag (that's new to me) my change purse, my keys, a pen, a paint swatch, anti bacterial wash, and a measuring tape. My sunglasses live in the car so I don't carry those in my bag. This set up makes it easy to change bags.

I do have a large waterproof type envelope bag that I carry my sons diapers (because he doen't want to be potty trained-that's a long story) wipes, extra pants, extra cup, disposable bags and a oatmeal bar. I don't carry that into stores or anything, it's just my emergency kit for the car. I have never owned or carried a "diaper bag" because he had never needed one , he has never had an "accident" before, not even as an infant. Was I lucky or what?


lorijo said...

I don't know what happened at the beginning of this post with the margins and I can't seem to fix it. Sorry.

smallcitybeth said...

That's okay (about the margins)... blogger (and other blog thingies) do their own thing sometimes.

I'm totally amazed and impressed that you've never had use for a diaper bag per se. (But what do I know, I don't even have kids!)

I saw some bags today that you would have loved. Patent, interesting colors, one reminded me very much of your Bag # 2, and I was going to remember the designer, but my brain has leaks in it, and I forgot the name. Drat.

I really like the shape of Bag # 3. It looks like it would be comfortable to carry. And it looks really really nice. (Wanting light-colored linings is just yet another of my little weird quirks, I'm just silly.)

lorijo said...

SCB- No- you aren't being silly, a dark liner is hard to find things in- it makes your purse a big black hole!