My shoe piles, discards, and Karma bag

These are my shoes. There were 48 pair of them. I have discarded 5 pair, so it's a bit better than 10%. I'm pretty happy with the shoes that I have. I could probably use a pair of heavy duty winter boots, and I am going to look for a new pair of dress shoes, but all in all, I'm happy with my choices.
My piles
I have 3 pair of cowboy boots. They are all keepers even if I don't live in Tx anymore. I do wear them some, but really, they are just sentamental. I have 7 pairs of tennis shoes. Again, they are all good and I wear all of them. 3 Pairs of Teva sandals, 2 pr flip flops, one pair trek sandals. Next year I think the flip flops will need replaced. Clogs and/or slides 7 pair. These are my favorite type of shoes. I like being able to remove my feet quickly from shoes. Sometimes I feel like my feet are being held hostage inside my shoes. Not because they are to tight or anything like that. It's all in my head. I have 4 pr. of Mary Jane style shoes. These are my favorites. I have a pr of Dansko, Hush Puppy, and 2 pr Born. Comfortable all. I have 2 pr of Doc Martins. One lace up, one another Mary Jane style. Both brown and they are comfy and not to scary looking. I have 4 pair of flat sandles, 9 pr of high heeled slides and /or sandals, 2 pair of medium heeled sandles, 2 pair of wedge sandals and 3 pair of booties.
My Discards
1 pr of Wedge sandles. Very high, all sorts of jewels on them, I thought they were cute. They hurt my feet . Really bad. All my weight rested on the balls of my feet. 1 pair of medium heeled sandals (the white/tan ones) I loved these shoes when I purchased them. The hemp cords cut into my feet and tried to remove my big toes from my body everytime I put them on. In addition to that my feet are just not cute enough to pull those off. 2 pair of black slides . One pair looked like motorcyle boots. Big, clunky, square toe. Kind of a hard look to pull off. These were sentimental to me and hard to part with. On a trip across the country a few years back I picked those up in Flagstaff Az. The other pair is a pair of slided that look like penny loafers. These were rabbits, and had to go due to condition. The last pair was a pair of flat sandals from Franco Sarto. I think I wore these for 4 years straight. Great shoes, but the leather was coming apart at the toes.
The last thing you see is a garbage bag. This is what I like to call my karma bag. I donated some nice stuff to goodwill today. I think that if you do nice things, nice things happen to you. Sometimes it takes a while, but it does happen. Plus, I have more room. Bonus for me.
As for socks, stockings etc... I haven't worn hose for 5 years. I have 2 pair of tights, one brown, one black, still in their packaging and I have 3 socks. Not 3 pr. 3 socks. I am going shopping this week to buy all new socks for me as a present for cleaning out some of this mess.


drwende said...

Interesting -- socks are one thing you feel no temptation to hoard. What's different about socks?

lorijo said...

I don't like real shoes- the kind you would wear with socks. It runs in my family- my mom wears sandals in the winter!

drwende said...


That makes sense -- my sock fetish dates from when I felt called upon to start wearing biz-level loafers a lot.

It's also proof that you don't hoard randomly -- you're abundantly self-expressive in certain specific areas. I wonder if that's a product of having too many good ideas to execute them all at once, but there's always another one you don't want to let get away. (Or I may be projecting from my stash of unfinished miniature projects...)

lorijo said...

I think that is totally a reason for my chairs. I have many project chairs- 2 dollars and nice bones and it will be mine! That said, I got myself in way over my head with a project chair last year ( it was over 100 yrs old and had horsehair stuffing) and I did re-sell that as soon as I figured out that was beyond my skill set.
My Aunt has a sock fetish. We took her to surgery and she was obsessed with having clean fresh white socks on at all times. I thought that was very odd, but who am I to talk?