A thinking Thanksgiving

I spent a lot of time considering what my real style was this weekend. This whole wardrobe therapy project started as a good idea to clear out my old, nasty clothes, just like I started AT to clear out my house of useless extra stuff . It's started to be much more, yet, I still had some nagging questions about my wardrobe, my "style".

Up until a few years ago, I would, could and did just up and go have an adventure of some kind. Jump into my jeep and just go. I started traveling cross country at age 18 by myself. I would get off the beaten path and find interesting and odd things to see and do. Sometimes it would be going to Alaska, sometimes to the Grand Canyon. I used to take weeks off and just go out west to Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, Sedona or just the desert. When I lived in Phoenix I would jump into my little car and go to San Diego and hang out for a week. Once I drove to Florida and traveled these old off the main strip roads and stayed at these hole in wall motels for 2 weeks. I was an adventure girl. I love historical sites, parks, anything like that. For the most part I took pictures of my travels, no store trinkets for me. But, I have a weak spot for handmade jewelry and odd local art. As I got more money, my organic cotton t shirts were upgraded to designer organic cotton t shirts, a little more hip and trendy, but still pretty much adventure girl at heart. I just wore them with 4 inch heels and designer handbags.

When I came up here, I lost part of that. Less time, and another, smaller, person to worry about. My adventures were pretty limited to more urban locals ( and maybe a trip to the big lake here and there) and this place doesn't even recycle- so getting organic anything is a pretty big hassle. I used to make fun of Starbucks for their lame coffee, but I would die for one up here- McDonalds is the only coffee place within 50 miles.

So, thinking about all of this, adventure girl is gone for a while. At least till my son is a bit more self sufficient. But I still want to have a more natural way of dressing, and that does fit with my current lifestyle and locale.

I don't need a wardrobe full of suits and button up shirts. I need comfortable, flattering knits, jeans, shoes, sweaters etc..... I need washable stuff, and maybe a bit more rugged.

Today I went shopping. Supply line sourcing and all. I tried on a ton of clothes. And shoes. I purchased a new pair of dark denim Levis- and I promptly came home and threw away 3 pair of old, rabbity blue jeans. I also got 2 short sleeve t shirts for under jackets- and neither one is black! One is a combat green color (good with my skin tone and hair) and the other is orange and brown. My husband was blown away.

I realized if I am to find some new shirts I have to be re-fit for a bra. When your girls are as big as mine, they have to be reigned in, and mine are finding a way to jump the fence. I have a Dr. appt. on Monday in the semi big city and I am going bra shopping on Monday.

Well, that's it. I think I have some insights on what I want my wardrobe to do- make me look more polished and less sloppy, and now I have some insights on my style- a little more natural with some very slight funk.


CQ in DC said...

congratulations on your assessment, and your successful shopping trip. sounds like you're on the right track...

smallcitybeth said...

Good for you. It's great to get a handle on what you want your wardrobe to be about. Good luck with the shopping trip (and the Dr.).

CQ in DC said...

I posted a shoe find for you:

Alana in Canada said...

Oh good for you. I so wish I had been in your shoes when My second child turned three. It is the best time to create and establish your own, new identity. Sounds like you are well on your way to that.
I went shopping today too, but it was horrible. I may blog about it later.

lorijo said...

Thanks cq- I will go and look! After my Dr. appt. I went and did a very little looking- not so much shopping.