The best date I ever had in my life

Reading Wende's post and seeing the Apache Junction photos made me think about something that hasn't crossed my mind in 15 years.

As the title says- this was the best date in my entire life. Hands down. I had started work at a resort in Scottsdale. It was a weird time in my life, I had just left a man whom I was sure was the love of my life in Vail Colorado. We had gone there after college and got jobs at a ski resort. It became apparent to me within a week that I would become an alcoholic in short order if I stayed. The night we ( and by we I mean he and I) drank 50 dollars worth of 1 dollar shots was the last straw. I recovered- how I don't know- got in my car and drove to Scottsdale where a friend of mine was working. I got a job and friends and things were good.

I decided I needed to date. Yes, I know, in the last paragraph I said that man was the love of my life. He was. But we were young, and I was smart enough to know that you have to experience life. Besides, you are either meant for each other or not, and I knew at that time and place, we were not meant for each other. Ok, getting back to the story, I decided I needed a date. I was pretty cute back then , but I didn't know a lot of people, so a friend of mine set me up. Also, I tend to be pretty shy and like to be by myself or with small groups of people.

He was also working at the resort I worked at, but in a different department. These resorts are huge and employ hundreds of people. I probably would never have met him on my own. He asked me out for a drink. I said yes. I figured we would go to a bar. That's where most people go for a drink Not this guy. Apparently he had asked my friend a lot about me and what I liked to do. He took me to the mountains instead.

Now of course, I wound never go into the mountains with a casual acquaintance. Odds aren't good you would come out intact. Back then, though, none of those concerns registered. We went into the mountains in his jeep out into the middle of nowhere. Down small, 2 tracks until we got to a small plateau . He made a fire, we watched the city lights and drank beer until 5 am. I had never talked to anyone for that long before in my life. Even when the coyotes were howling at us, it was still great. We dated for about 6 months, then we didn't date anymore. It was the same problem with time and place.

I never got the smell of the fire out of the coat I was wearing that night. I don't think I tried very hard though.


Alana in Canada said...

What a wonderful story! And wow, what a romantic guy.

smallcitybeth said...

Wow. What a great story, and what a great memory to carry with you. Romantic, indeed.