piling and trying on of shirts

I can't believe I have let this happen to myself. Never go a year without really looking at yourself in the mirror. Yee gads. I look horrible. I had to take pics of myself trying on my shirt and jacket pile to get a un-biased view. I may just go to bed forever now. I have come to a few conclusions.
1. I need and must- lose about 30 pounds.
2. I am looking more like rosanne barr than I care to admit.
3. the reason I like jackets over t shirts is because I look better that way.

I believe I have come up with a few "rules" for me. I need a v neck or a scoop neck on my knits. A crew neck makes it look like I have a uni boob. A gigantic, shelf like, uni boob. I cannot wear the shorter jackets, mine must be longer. But not to long- or I start that hobbit look again. Structure is good for my body type. Knit wear lets parts of me be free that really should never be. I own the colors black, white, denim, and a few browns and other blues. That's it. My closet does indeed look sad. I need some color. Anything except yellow. I look like old cheese in yellow.

SO, the plan is this,
I am going to weed out my closet. The stuff I really like but just don't fit in will be placed in a rubbermaid tub. If in 6 mos. I have not lost weight, those tubs all go. It's a longer term outbox situation. ( I have the storage space so it's not that big a deal) If I have lost weight, I will try them on again and decide then. I have some pieces that have to go - regardless of any weight issues I have. Any black slacks that are closer to grey than black are getting tossed. I have an uncomfortable pair of Birkenstocks they must go. I have stained t shirts that must be tossed. I should never wear a tank top and yet, I have about 20. BYE BYE!
I have some suits from what seems to be my previous life. They are going to be donated to the local womens shelter. I need one suit, black, with skirt and slacks. You know, the funeral, interview, my husbands work events thing, kind of suit. I do have to purchase that, and at the same time, a shirt or two to go with it.

I do not need that many denim shirts. Not even Tipper Gore could wear that many denim shirts. I do not need 15 (yes) pairs of black slacks. I do not need pants that sag in the ass, or make my front lady parts look "poofy" for lack of a better word.

I am not going to look at size tags anymore. Just how clothes fit me.

So, maybe it hasn't been a bad day after all. I have a plan, and with a plan, you can conquer anything. Right?


Alana in Canada said...

Good for you! Yes, you can conquer anything with a plan! I admire jumping in there and just dealing with it. I like your contingency plan for the stuff that'll fir you when you've lost your 30 pounds.

lorijo said...

Thank you. I just can't logically get rid of a bunch of clothes that if I work hard will fit me. I still like them. And a lot of them just barely don't fit me. I have seen people wear stuff far tighter in public. I just won't do that to others.

drwende said...

A crew neck makes it look like I have a uni boob. A gigantic, shelf like, uni boob.

You and 90% of the rest of all women. Why are stores even allowed to sell crew necks?

Actually they probably do it to create your exact situation -- just make us keep buying shirts, hoping the next one will be more flattering.

I am not going to look at size tags anymore. Just how clothes fit me.

The only time to care about the size tag is after you've found the garment that fits, so you can duplicate your success with that brand in the future. Women's sizing is done by random number generators, as far as I can tell.

smallcitybeth said...

Well done, Lorijo!!! An impressive day's work.

I'm with you and Wende. Crew necks should just be banned. (And there are so many of them! All over the place!)

Alana in Canada said...

Ok, I must not know what a crew neck is if they are so awful. I'll go hunt that down!