Bones, breath, heart etc...

I am jumping in headfirst, and playing catch up on my entries, so forgive me.
Doing the interview with myself opened up my eyes to a lot. It was so helpful that I have trouble putting it into words. I think that since I stopped working 4 years ago, I don't think that I am worth buying new clothes for. That, and my changing body type. I don't like the weight that I am now, and after last week and the horror of the full body mirors, I want to make some changes. That said, I will be working on dressing the body I have now, and not putting it off any more. When I lose some weight I will re evaluate at that point. But I am not going to put this off anymore.

Bones- acutally I am all caught up on laundry etc.... I am working on potty training my 3 1/2 yr old and so that automatically means more laundry. I make my Mr. take his dress clothes to the cleaner to get pressed- I wash them because it's better for the clothes, but I don't iron.

Breath- I am not to the piles yet, so I am not going to throw any clothes out (or donate) but I did go through my makeup. And to my horror, I had MAC cosmetics. Why the horror. They are over 5 years old. I know that because they were purchased in Texas. I threw them all away. ICK- broke my heart a little though- that stuff is expensive.

Heart - I got my hair cut off. About 8 inches or so, it's in a rather nice bob now, and I have proper bangs. I got an unfortunate big brown spot on my forhead when my son was born, and it's not going away. I have to cover it up because I hate it so. I also went out and picked a new hair color ( I have colored my own hair since I was 16) and I went out and bought new cosmetics- a new tinted moisturizer, new lip color, new mascara, new eye shadow and pencils, and a great new cosmetics bag for it all to go in. I love it and maybe I will actually use it now. I used to do some low (very very low) level modeling- mostly hair- and so I actually know how to use cosmetics- and I never used to leave the house with out doing some makeup, but not so much anymore.

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smallcitybeth said...

Good for you! Yay for the new haircut (you look great in that pic with your little guy!)... And yay for the new cosmetics.