chair 43- Faux tulip chair

This chair was 3 dollars. My husband bought it at a thrift shop. I used it at my desk for a year or so, but it's down in my sewing room now. It is super comfortable. I just wish I had 3 more. It is fiberglass and vinyl with a heavy metal base. I think it's from the same company who did the Star Trek chairs in the 60's. Whatever it is- I like it!


Alana in Canada said...

This one I want for my desk. The back of the thrift chair I'm sitting in fell off today.

lj said...

When he brought it home I thought- God, my disease is infecting my husband. And why did he bring this home- it really doesn't "go" with anything we have. It is the single most comfortable upright style chair you could ever get. AND my husband is a bit of a "big boy" and I don't worry about him breaking this and ending up on the floor impaled on some 40 year old chair part.
Sorry to hear about the chair. I hate it when one of mine breaks.