chair 13- My sons vintage wooden traditional red chair

Here is the chair in my sons room. It matches his bookshelf full of toys and books. It is the perfect size for him to sit on while he puts on his shoes, or to hold one of his many animal "friends".

It was a wierd color of green when I aquired it (my Mom got it at an auction for a couple bucks) I'm sure it was someones idea of "shabby chic". It was truely horrible. I primed it and painted it red. It has taken a few dings in the past year, but I'm just going to let it "age" this year. He'll outgrow this by next spring- and I have replacement chairs the next size up now (see the aquisition post) and they'll be ready to go then. This chair will be in my garage sale next spring I'm sure. (see- I do move them about)

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Alana in Canada said...

I saw that you purchased a few more like these "adult" sized. I could weep. I've been looking for chairs like this (I can afford) for a while now. I found one or two--at a "junque" shop--but at $70 a piece, I left them!

I hope you know how lucky you are!