6 freakin months...and shiplap....lots of shiplap.

I said I was back. I lied. I am sorry. Life just has a habit of sneaking away when you aren't looking. I swear the last 4 years have FLOWN right by me. I don't know what I am going to end up doing with my blogs. I might have to delete one or two of them...and just focus on my personal site. I have to consider what sort of time commitment I have for this,what I want to accomplish with this, what I want to DO.  I am spending far too much time on social media as it is.... now I know why there is a media fast week in the Apartment Therapy cure. I didn't need it before...but now I think I might. I have tablets, and computers, phones that do everything the computers do.... it's all too much. I have 500 channels of TV, every media GO app on my phone and bookmarked on my computer.  It's all become too much for me to handle.   Do I want to go back to pen and paper- NO. But there just has to be some sort of balance.... one that I have to find for myself.

The laundry room .... more pictures to come. 

In addition, my personal style has changed. We did a lot of renovations to the house in the past year. I do have a lot to document.... but do I have the time and inclination now? 

Questions. No answers. 

I need to think about this. 

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Colleen said...

Love the picture- hope you share more!