It was -25 degrees for 3 school days....so that meant no school.

No school. Over 230 districts closed. My car battery died. If you get anywhere near a window, door or wall you will instantly be cold.  This isn't fun.  One day our high was 1.8 degrees (-8 with windchill)   I have never known so many people with frozen pipes, drains or broken furnaces.  It gets cold here, we get a hellofa winter, but this is exceptional.

The boy finally went to school today- it's been 5 days off (3 snow days and the weekend in the middle) and boy was I ready for it. We have done everything I could think of, including just letting the kid watch movies and be on his table.

BUT, we did some art. We painted a picture. It's pretty big.... enormous really. 4 ft x 5 ft.

Here it is....

The boy is there for size comparison. 

He decided he really wanted it up. So I hung it in the living room. See the ground? That's my new rug I bought,  Now, I just need to paint the green walls a light grey/blue color and find some new summer curtains...and I am as done as I plan to be for a while. This room is getting a structural update, so I don't really want to do anything else to it for the time being. ( we are removing the blue wall, new flooring and new ceiling. But, not this summer- this summer we're redoing the laundry room)


Colleen said...

I love the rug and the painting- much better for the space than the one that was there before while still evoking the sea (in my opinion). Is that a new side table between the couch and plycraft chair as well?

Stay warm! My family in DC has been having a cold spell as well, but nothing as absurd as your temps!

thefarmersdaughter said...

thanks. I just got the rug, the blue/grey color is what I'm going to be putting on the walls, and the painting, well, the boy wanted it up. I don't mind it, so it's staying! The side table by the plycraft was downstairs in the basement- I forgot we even owned it!

thanks- I like this better too....!