Christmas in an elementary school

I teach some art to 4th graders. I'm not a teacher though. Our school doesn't have any money for an art program, so a few of us got together and started "facilitating" art classes. I've been doing it for a couple years now, even though my child is no longer at the school. It's fun. The kids love it, and it's something for me to do.  This year, another mother and I got together and decided to make a "holiday village' scene using 4th grade art pieces.  One class did elves and snowmen, another did buildings, and the third did trees (the trees are fantastic and took a long time). She and I put it together and installed it in the entryway..... here it is in all it's glory.....

There is about 16 feet of holiday board here total, 12 of the village, and 4 of the North Pole. 

Mrs. Clause saying goodbye 

There's a cardinal on the tree top because we're the Cardinals! 

The North Pole board 

Mrs. Shrek is in the woods.... 

67 kids did the pieces for this. It was a lot of fun to help them with this.....

 One student said, "It really speaks Christmas spirit". Another student said, "We all made something to have for Christmas that we can look at and think that we worked together to make this awesome Christmas picture".

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