Before. Really before. My spare bedroom/ dressing room project.

This is honestly what this room looked like.  It has never been a "spare bedroom". It was the boys nursery (10 years ago) and it was supposed to be a crafting room, but that just never actually worked out. It did though, become a dumping ground.  Extra furniture? Put it in here. Fabric or clothing? Throw it in here. Extra art that has no wall?  Well, you get the picture. And what pretty pictures they are, huh?  I figured I shouldn't sugar coat this mess.  Do you know what's actually the worst part? This room has NO DOOR. This mess was open for all to see. I am hanging my head in shame.....

So, I started by removing the bookshelves under the wall shelves. They were cheap, Target shelves I bought as a stop-gap measure 10 years ago. They are in the garage waiting to go to Goodwill as I type this..... We took down the wood supports on the bottom shelf and replaced them with these metal ones that hold a rod. 

The wall was pretty damaged by the support removal, so I had quite a lot of patching and repainting to do. 

Next up, cleaning, moving excess stuff to either storage (I have a basement storage room), donate it, or throw it away. I've taken out 4 boxes of donations, 3 bags of garbage, three bookshelves and two floor lamps to the donate pile, and 4 tubs of books to storage.  I hope to have pictures of the new dressing room/craft storage space tomorrow or Monday. 

Then, I start work on the jack and jill bathroom off the master bedroom. My husband doesn't like it's color....he says it's "fleshy". 


This tiny thing? This was where I kept my clothing. In the dining room hallway. For the past 10 freakin years.  So, yea, I want a dressing room. 


Alana in Canada said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start! Did you stop doing your annual garage sale--or was this the room that held all that stuff for the sale?

Looking forward to the afters.

thefarmersdaughter said...

Thanks! This isn't where I kept the garage sale stuff sorry to say. Just extra stuff in general. Yes, I do have annual garage sales....in August I got rid of approximately 25 boxes of stuff and then donated a truckful to the Goodwill