It's too wet to paint today......

we're getting slammed with rain. Detroit let its schools out due to the threat of flooding....and after what happened this spring/summer I don't blame them one bit, the last thing we need is buses on those flooded roads.

So, since I can't paint, I came up with a master list of things I have to do/want to do this fall..... I am sure I will add to this later. 

1. Change out the curtains to the winter curtains
2. remove the window a/c units
3. Clean/re-do/re-imagine the office
4. clean the basement
5. Paint the basement wall 
6. put the kitchen floor trim back on
7. touch up the paint in the dining room and the kitchen 
8. new pillows for the sofa
9. paint the bedroom
10. build a new raised platform for the bed in the boys room    
11. put up the damn hooks I bought this summer.
12. take all the porch furniture down and store it. 
13. Paint the laundry room and try to figure out the storage situation in that room 
14. New doors in pantry and bathroom (we already own them) 
15. New ROOF. (now we can't- it's SNOWED. Season ender) 

well, that's all for now. This list will only get larger.  Maybe I can cross a few of them off weekly though..... 

Have a great day- stay dry! 

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