We have a new cat.....

This is Spinx,

Our new cat. 

He showed up at our house (as abandoned cats will do) and he never left. We asked around our little village and no one fessed up to owning him. He lived outside in a hay bale palace  until two weeks ago, when it got down to -40 degrees outside. 

We took him to the vet, got his coins removed from his coin purse, and got him tested and  vaccinated . In addition, he had a infection in his face that we had fixed, and a raging case of fleas that we had exterminated. 

Now he's inside. He's a Red Point.  Very friendly (he went sledding with the boys ON the sleds), VERY VOCAL, very needy. All in all, a good boy. 

And now, we have two cats..... as here is the last stray I took in... 

They are still getting used to each other. 

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