My new hair... I did it.

Before- It wasn't bad...but it wasn't all that good either.

I think it's better. 4 + inches gone. I swear it's even, it's just how I was holding my head. I hate selfies...I am about the most un- photogenic person I know.  That is not fishing for compliments. It's a fact. Photos always catch me making some oddball face and I look like I have a tic. 

This doesn't suck though. I can live with this. 

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Colleen said...

fun stuff and I love your color! Glad you like the new hair- isn't it great how a new look can totally give us a boost when necessary? I'm heading in tomorrow- just when we got my short hair to a place I loved, my stylist moved cross-country and now I'm trying out a new one. wish me luck!