walkin in a winter wonderland.....

It's been a strange winter up here. First, we barely have any snow. Maybe 2 inches? We should be thigh deep right now and it doesn't cover my shoe. Second, until yesterday it's been rather warm....in the 30's. But last night that all changed. Today our high is 3F. That's the actual temperature. Wind chill gets us to about -20F.  No matter where you are from  that , my friends, is damn cold.

To the north and the south they got hammered with lake effect snow last night, but we didn't. Snow, when it's this cold, is just tiny wispy little flakes of nothing, but it can blow so bad that even a tiny amount can cause a white out. Our roads are just covered in ice. It makes cars big sleds.

I've had a mouse move into my house- it happens when it gets this cold outside...... That little bastard sprung the trap we set for him last night, and my poor excuse for a cat isn't hunting him like she should be. My son said we should stop feeding the cat and than maybe she would catch it and eat it. I asked him how he would feel if I stopped  feeding him and  then expected  him to go catch and eat the mouse. He didn't like that idea, so tonight we all go hunting full force!

Micky the ripper must be stopped!

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Alana in Canada said...

Well, honestly, the little guy is right. What incentive does the cat have? I hope you find the critter. We never do.

I think we have all your snow. I'd be happy to send some along....