Real life kickin me in the butt

I would have had a post this weekend...and my organizational week 3 (Kitchen pantry and shopping lists) posted on page...if my son had not gotten sick. And by sick I mean puking. He's getting better now, although  still at home and not at school.....but  I might get to things other than laundry today if it keeps up. I can only hope....

 In addition, while looking for electrolyte solution for the barfing boy,  I discovered I have had a mouse in my pantry.(every year about this time when it gets COLD we get a mouse or two....we live in the country and there are a lot of mice out here) Probably just one mouse came in to live....and VERY recently, as I know that the particular item he chewed (raisin container) was perfectly intact the day before...... I had to remove EVERYTHING from the pantry, wash it and disinfect the entire room. Now, it's the cats turn to earn her keep.

The whole house smells like bleach and Lysol. It's not a particularly pleasant smell.


Alana in Canada said...

Can you take any consolation from the fact it was on the list anyway? I'm sorry the little guy was so sick and I'm glad he's back on the mend.

My stomach has been upset in the evenings lately. Wish I could puke.

thefarmersdaughter said...

You sound like me...I can't throw up for the life of me (even when I probably should) I blame wearing braces for that. The Mr. on the other hand can throw up at will. Gross, but useful I guess.