I get pissy this time of year

Everyone, myself included, writes about cleaning and organizing in January.  I can't tell you how many articles, posts and "helpful" hints I have read this week alone.  Most of them just make me pissy, or flat out mad.

I write about organizing every once in a while because I used to teach organization for Franklin Covey and I have to have something to write about. That said, I hope that I don't come across all holier than thou like some posts I've currently read. I want everyone reading to know right now that I am telling you what I do. It might or might not work for you. I think that everyone should do what they want to do (except hoarders....those who hoard need more help than anyone online can give them- they need a professional).  I HATE arbitrary "rules" about cleaning and organizing.  Some of my biggest pet peeves....

1. "One in one out" That is crap. Bring in what you want, and get rid of what you don't. I might find a great purse one day....and all of my other clothes are great too. I'm not getting rid of anything I want, like or love due to some arbitrary rule that makes little sense but makes people feel like they are doing something good when they spout it out.

2. "If you don't wear it in a year, get rid of it" NO. In some cases that might be the case, but I want everyone to really look at every single piece of clothing and decide on it's own merits if it stays or goes....not that you just haven't worn it. Maybe you didn't have the correct undergarments for it. Maybe you left a job and don't need suits right now...but you might in the future. If clothing fits, it's in style, it fits you and you like (or love) it than keep it if YOU want. Don't make up some rule based on a random time frame.

3. "Just buy what you actually need" That SOUNDS great. I mean, it really does sound great. But in reality? NO. Some of my favorite pieces, that I wear all the time, I don't really "need" but I do love them. If we really just bought what we needed, we would wear uniforms and how much fun is that? NONE.  I "need" two pair of pants, two shirts, two pair of under ware, two pair of shoes and two coats (one light, one heavy). Why 2? So I can be clothed while I'm washing the other set. Not very fun is it? Again I say, buy what you love and what fits you- your body type, your style, your life.

And please, please, I hate the word "curate" more than any other word on this planet right now.  This isn't an art museum.  Don't "curate" your closet.

So here are my "rules" about cleaning and organizing my wardrobe.
1. Your clothes must fit your life and your lifestyle. I don't work in corporate America anymore. I don't need a closet full of suits anymore. I do need one good suit though, and some nice jackets to dress up pants. Know what you need.

2. Your clothes must fit you......now. Not 5 lbs from now, not 15 pounds ago. Now. Put them on and wear them. Ask someone you trust to tell you what you look like if you can't do it yourself.  If your clothes aren't the right size than you should get rid of them. Really.

3. Are they stylish? Not trendy, stylish. Are they cut to flatter your figure? Are the colors good for you or do they make you look like old cheese? Again, if you can't make that decision on your own, ask a trusted adult. Do YOU feel good in your clothes? I had a jacket that I wore sometimes, and I didn't pay too much attention to it, until I saw myself in a mirror in a store one day. My skin looked AWFUL. I looked grey. I looked old. I looked that way because that jacket was the wrong color for me and I never paid attention to it until it smacked me across the face. I dropped it off at Goodwill about 15 minutes later....I never even took it home.

4, You should have a well rounded wardrobe.  You should be able to put an outfit together for just about any occasion that is both appropriate and makes you feel good. Only you though, will know what that wardrobe should consist of. I can't tell you, I don't live your life. You can't tell me what should be in my closet either...unless you're hiding in my attic and I don't know it.

and the last "rule"
5. Everything you own and wear should be in good condition. No draggy hems. No popped buttons. No stains or dirt.. No split seams.  Ick.

So, to recap. Clothes should be in good condition, clean, fit you and your life and make you look good.
Simple enough right? Don't worry about how many shirts you own, worry about how they make you look and feel.

I'm getting off my soap box now.


Cookbook said...

I think your rules are very reasonable, but above all I agree that the word "curated" is totally overused, and misued. NO MORE CURATION.

thefarmersdaughter said...

thank you. I can't read past the word curate in a post without my inner tourettes coming out.