I am a thrift store junky

Not only do I shop for resale items at thrift stores and garage sales, but I shop for my family and myself. OK, myself mostly.  My brother once told me he only bought shorts at thrift stores because as far as he was concerned  there were already enough shorts made on this planet for everyone. He was right.

Now, I am a SUPER picky thrifter. Items must be new or almost new. I can tell a factory finish on clothing a mile away (due to years in retail) and I know my labels. I can see the one quality piece in a rack of crap just like I can see vintage denim from a mile away. It's a gift I guess. But it's fun. It's the hunt that I love more than anything else.

As I was walking out of my favorite thrift store today I realized that everything I was wearing with the exception of my under ware and socks, came from a thrift store. This is what I was wearing.

A white Liz Clairborne t shirt.

Looks just like this one, except I paid 1.99 for it instead of 26.50 

Levis 515 boot cut jeans. I paid 4.99 (with the tags still attached, never worn) instead of 45.00 

Talbot cardigan sweater. Again, tags from Talbot still attached with extra button bag too, 3.29 instead of 76.00 

Woolrich oversize shirt jacket. Mine is turquoise though. I paid 3.29 for it, I have no idea how much it was new.  It's WARM. 

A HUGE score for me. Dansko "Courtney" mary janes. Mine are a very light pink. 4.99 instead of 110.00. No one had ever put their foot in mine before I bought them .(easy to tell with a white inside shoe) I am even pickier with shoes than anything else. They must be new with no foot goo to be found. 

a suede Woolrich backpack. 2.99 

A Harvey's Seatbelt wallet. New, tags attached when I got it. It was 1.99 instead of 88.00. That said, this Harvey item is one of the only items that I would buy at the full retail cost. Why? The thing is perfect and made like iron. I've had mine for 2 years now and it looks brand new. I use it daily and throw it around. Wipe it down and it's good as new. 

So, about 23 bucks for my ENTIRE outfit today (not counting under ware and socks) but including my  purse and wallet . 

I can honestly say that no one would guess I bought them in a thrift store, not that I care if anyone knows. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I can get new or nearly new items a small fraction of their retail price. It allows me not to work to have to buy clothes, AND I find vintage stuff for my resale shop. WIN WIN. 

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