yes, I am back....

the computer is having all sorts of issues. First, overheating. Now, video card.  It's annoying and all that.

We have spent the last few weeks on a buying spree for our antique business.... we have two show dates coming up and needed new merchandise. Add to that my brother is coming up from Texas for a visit and the boy is going into his last week of school and we have field trips and all that nonsense it's been super busy!

I was going to have a garage sale this weekend but it got rained out or I wouldn't even be here today!

More soon when I have useful, insightful things to talk about. Or pictures. Either one

have a great weekend!

PS. I want this!

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Alana in Canada said...

Yes, a skateboard bench. That's cool. Is the antique business new? I don't remember you mentioning it before.

Our laptop has been having issues with overheating as well, so we got some sort of thing to keep it elevated off the desk--and it has an adjustable fan to help cool the laptop, too.

Sooo much better.