I am a Ferris BULLDOG!

Tomorrow, Saturday at 7pm we are playing Boston College for the NCAA division 1 national championship in hockey! This is the first time we've played for a championship in any sport at any time...and we've had a sports program here at Ferris since like 1905!!

Our hockey team wasn't ever supposed to do this well- the other coaches in the division thought we would end up being 9th at the beginning of the season. We were number 1. We have NO players drafted by the NHL. But we are a great team. A tough team that plays grinding hockey. And, we have a fantastic coach who's been with the university for 20 years.

wish us luck!



Alana in Canada said...

Go Dawgs! When you say we--is it a proprietory "we" (I'm sure I din't spell that right!) or a personal we--as in are you on the team? whatever--let the underdawgs win!

The Farmers Daughter said...

I went to Ferris, my husband works there (assoc. dir. or admissions) my brother went there too! Also, the Mr. is the rink announcer for their home games!

so we is kinda personal...but not player personal!

The Farmers Daughter said...

or = of. Associate director of admissions.