The post where I have nothing to say....

because I really don't... and for for me that is something short of amazing.

Ever have one of those weeks where everything goes according to plan and things run smoothly? Nope, me neither. It stormed. Then it got to 60 and flooded. Then it stormed again and the 4 inches of snow and ice was....troubling.

All my spring bulbs came up. Now, they are covered in 4 inches of snow. The back yard is flooding- last night it was up by about 4 ft. The house is safe (built on a hill) but it always gets me thinking.

My vacuum cleaner sheared a bolt and is now dead. The washer is making a strange noise. The dryer is taking it's own sweet time drying things. My husband went to go see a specialist for a health issue only to be told that A) the other Dr.'s didn't know what the hell they were talking about and B) He's not the specialist he should see.  The boy has to go see the orthodontist on Monday to see what is to be done with his mouthful of adult teeth that are sort of here and there all over his mouth.  I cannot get the scum off of the shower stall. It's grossing me out.......

AND to top it all off...I spent yesterday, THURSDAY, thinking it was actually FRIDAY. I was really looking forward to coffee in bed this morning from my dear Mr. Didn't happen.

I'll be better soon. Maybe even this weekend. I have to prepare for an antique show we're doing St Patricks weekend so I might even have pretty pictures to show you!

Have a fantastic, wonderful day!

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Alana in Canada said...

My my, lots of "nothings" on yourmind! I do hope you are feeling better soon! This weather leaves me feeling incredibly itchy. Bust out the lotion itchy, I mean.