Not again.....

Snow day....or maybe it was an ice morning. I don't know which one it was, but it's keeping us all inside- even the dog won't go past the porch right now. I haven't heard a car on the village main street for hours. I guess we've had another 4 inches? of snow with an underlay of ice on top of the other 6 inches on the ground. I know, it's not much for this time of the year...but last week I was walking around in a spring jacket and flip flops. I saw dudes at Lowes wearing shorts....and now....a freakin winter wonderland.

The boy is drawing and watching the Muppet's on tv. The Mr. is sick. I am bored. I've been windows shopping this morning and trying to get some inspiration for the office re do that is staring me in the face. I know that I want the office re do to come in under 100 bucks, and the smaller boys bedroom re do to come in under 50. So, budget in hand I need to get to work. 

stay warm and dry everyone.


Alana in Canada said...

e're having the same eather--only colder. Love to see your inspiration pics!--and befores, too. That's a tough budget.

The Farmers Daughter said...

don't I know it. The budget is low in the boys room because we've already done all the built ins and what trim there is left to do, well we already own the wood . That 50 bucks is paint OR storage solutions. I don't know. The bones are still good- his rug, his bedspread, his curtains....those are all ok and staying.

the office. I don't know. We will either make a day bed or get a fainting couch from my Mom....if we make a day bed then the budget would have to increase another 100 bucks. Or, we'll keep the sofa in there and I'll figure out a solution..... If I want a new tv (the old one works fine it's just not a flat screen) than it will have to increase another 125.

so I guess right now I'm hoping for 100 bucks...but it could be as high as 350 or so. But that's it. I'm on a strict el cheapo budget for this room.