Stuff I should have doing all along, but somehow don't.

My big '2'
1. Get rid of some more stuff. Make some more room in my house. I am getting rid of 5 items per day- up from the 3 items of last year. Yes, I really did get rid of a lot of stuff last year..but I keep bringing more in. I like to think of it as upgrading. I'd like to at least......
So, 5 items every day is 1825 items.
That's a lot of items.
You can't count stuff you would normally throw out- garbage stuff...like pens that won't work and junk mail.....unless you would normally keep them that is. Example...I won't count a newspaper as an item....but I will count a magazine clipping I have kept from a year ago and now decided to toss....does that make sense?

I am going to eat better. NOT less, or fat free or anything like that. I said BETTER. No crap. Less take outs. More real food. We got a cow this year and a pig. No more factory farm stuff. I am not giving up bacon, but maybe it doesn't have to be with every single meal.

that's it folks. My big "2".

Does anyone else have some resolutions in need of sharing?


Cookbook said...

Those are good, simple, managable goals! GOOD LUCK!

Anne At Large said...

Yeah I'm rooting for ya. The throwing out of a numbered amount of stuff is beyond me but Eat Better is right up my alley. No iron clad rules, just aiming for improvement in a realistic manner. Although bacon sounds good right now ;)

The Farmers Daughter said...

thanks Anne, the numbered stuff is so that I look through each and every drawer more than just once and decide what can go.

I'm not a hoarder by any means, but I have way too many things. It helps to have a solid goal...."get rid of stuff" isn't precise enough for me.... and 3 items per day last year just didn't do it. Now, I don't go looking for 5 items every day. It's a average for the year.....I am up to 37 right now...

Alana in Canada said...

Love your goals. I read two blogs all the way through this Chrismas--both with the title "daily declutterer" --it was fascinating. Each had resolved to throw out one item a day--and blog about it. It was quite the endeavour. One guy got really really tired of writing about his stuff that he'd put it off because he didn't want to face writing it all up. But it made for interesting reading, nonetheless. And he got rid of about 3x as much as he'd expected.

I've set my Mom a goal--1,000 pounds.She's not counting newspapers, either, though I think she should as she has been known to hang on to them in the past. Still all that matters is that the stuff moves out.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I would love to do pounds...but can't figure out a good way to keep track! I've got the items listed for the time being on a page at the top.....that way I can keep track too.... I was going to take pics and blog but I realized that was nuts