Post holiday let down...

Or not. I don't know. Thanksgiving dinner was great. This is my 9th annual family dinner (and about my 20th Thanksgiving dinner I've done for a group) so there was little to no pressure with the menu or the table or anything. I put the turkey in the oven and spent the time before the family arrived online.

I made-
a 19lb turkey with dressing (apple dressing this year)
mashed potatoes with home made gravy
roasted sweet potatoes
roasted carrots
green beans
home made corn bread
home made cranberry orange relish (the Mr. did this actually)
Banana cream pie (because I HATE pumpkin pie with a passion)

It was so good, I didn't even get a picture before people started eating.

We didn't do black Friday or anything that weekend at stores. I'm getting really anti-consumerism right now. It's actually making me really mad. Christmas is NOT about how much crap you purchase.  Don't get me wrong. I buy way to much stuff for my son for Christmas. But he's 7. And he's my only kid. And I can. BUT I refuse to be part of the corporate machine on that weekend.....pushing and shoving...near rioting over 2 buck waffle makers......making retail employees miss Thanksgiving. Nope. Not going to be a part of that.

Good news though! We have our tree! More about it soon- it's the nicest tree we've had so far I think. The Mr. and boy  cut it down on Sunday. It's beautiful

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Alana in Canada said...

Unfortunately, even though we have Thanksgiving at an entirely different time of year, I saw several flyers advertising "Black Friday" here. "You don't even have to cross the border" was the tag-line on one. Almost everyone had "Special weekend sales."