I can, because I'm from Texas.....


Emma In Edmonton said...

Oh my.
Who is Rick Perry? Am I showing unpardonable ignorance by not knowing who he is?

Emma In Edmonton said...

oops, blasted kids.
That was me, Alana

The Farmers Daughter said...

Rick Perry- AKA "good hair" AKA "pointy boots" is the gov. of Texas and wants to be President-just like G. Bush.
He thinks social security and medicare are unconstitutional, has said that Tx teaches evolution (even though they don't because it's illegal) has said that abstinence only education works (although it doesn't and Tx has one of the highest unwed teen birthrates in the country -when called out on that he said he didn't have proof that it worked- just that it worked for HIM) and Texas has huge numbers of un insured children and adults-and he doesn't do a single thing to help them. Their education system down there is poor to say the least and he seems mighty proud of that.
I am suprisingly ok with him being as religious as he is, but I don't think that it should take over his political life the way he lets it. Just because he's religious doesn't mean that everyone else in that state is.
He's more pro open boarders than most conservatives are (he needs the day labor help etc...) but is very anti gay and muslim and doesn't hesitate to say so out loud. In public.
He's a joke. But a dangerous joke.