Burger King coffee in a bag via the drive through is stupid

So I go into town to drop the boy off and do a little grocery shopping. I'm hungry and so I run through the drive though at Burger King. Their dollar breakfast muffins can NOT be beat, and their coffee is ok. Not fantastic, but it's ok. At least the roast and flavor is consistent.

Here is my issue with my Burger King. First, they must bring that coffee to the boil before they serve it. I left it in the car and went shopping because it was too damn hot to drink, and it was the perfect temp when I came out 1 HOUR later! Second. They hand me this boiling cup of coffee (in the drive through) in a BAG. A bag. A cup of coffee doesn't require a bag. It does require one of those holders so your hand doesn't burn. I didn't get that I got a damn bag.  I actually wish they didn't even put the sandwich in a bag and just handed it to me as now I have TWO bags to throw away-but maybe that's just me. Anyway, this scalding cup of coffee is put in a bag and handed to me out the window. The cup is sliding around in the bag and it's really dangerous. I have to reach in and pull the stupid thing out and the lid isn't put on right. 

Now, I know that some (really ridiculous IMHO)  people have sued over spilling a cup of coffee in their laps. Honestly, I think that this scalding hot coffee skittering about in a bag is far more dangerous than just handing me over the cup, but what do I know... oh right... I do know. That coffee bag is just stupid- and a woman in Virginia Beach is suing BK for giving her a burn via a coffee in a bag now.

Burger King, please stop putting hot coffee in a bag. Tell your franchises not to put their coffee in a bag. It's a recipe for disaster AND a waste of a bag.

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