the long walk

This is my second favorite King book, the first being The Stand.  The Long Walk is about.... a long walk. Really. More like a game show/ winner take all/death march, this book is the story of 100 boys who walk from the Maine/Canada border down the east coast of the United States. It's about their stories, what made them volunteer to do this, what keeps them going while they walk. If they keep walking (at faster than 4mph with NO breaks what so ever) they stay alive. If they don't- they get hurt, get slow, fall asleep... ... then they are gunned down where they stand.  The winner-the last boy standing (or walking) wins whatever he wants for the rest of his life. Maybe.

 This book is about self discovery, learning when you can lean on others, when others can lean on you and when you have to stand alone. It's one of my favorites because really, we are on a long walk too....