It's a movie meme on a cold and rainy day.....

Here were the rules from SCB on this meme. It seemed simple enough when I first thought about it... then it got harder the more I thought. I LOVE movies....but I will bring this in at only 10 movies. Links to info is what I provided, SCB did hers with quotes, and I would have loved to do pics, but links are the best I could do today...

well, here were the rules:

01. Provide a non-exhaustive list of films you'll happily watch again and again.

02. There is no rule 02.

03. Reprint the rules.

04. Tag three others and ask them to do the same
Here are my movies..... NOT in any order!
FUR- An imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus.  MMM..Robert Downey Jr. in a movie that's just odd enough...just uncomfortable enough, but not icky.
Kingdom of Heaven- but ONLY the directors cut. This is one of those movies that they cut out a lot for the theatre version.  And Orlando Bloom is beautiful. Plus, points given for locating Edward Norton in it!
A guilty, guilty pleasure of a movie... Another Woman . Listen, it's a Harlequin romance, it stars Justine Batemen and I believe it was a TV movie. But whenever it's on, whatever time it's on. I watch it right through to the end. I can't explain it.
Gone with the Wind.  But only up until Scarlett marries Rhett. Then I turn it off and pretend it's over. Yes, I'm a sap.
From Dusk till Dawn.  I'm a BIG vampire fan (think True blood and not Twilight because I'm older than 12 people) but this is a great movie. Plus, for the guys, it has Salma Hayek in a bikini with a snake dancing with liquor going down her leg. I can even get a kinda girl crush on that....if it wasn't for George Clooney and his overwhelming testosterone....
Pillow Talk.  Come on, I don't have to explain this right? The fashions, the decor, the all over cuteness of it? Plus, Rock Hudson looking so very very handsome.
Notting Hill Do NOT make fun of me. I love romantic comedies. I love Hugh Grant. I love the English for just being English.
Baby Doll  Tennessee Williams wrote this, and it was very controversial in it's day. Rent it... it's fantastic in a dark and dreary kind of way.  And Carol Baker is perfect as Baby Doll.
Pirates of the Caribbean- the first one.  It's fast, the plot isn't to awful and Depp is beautiful in a dirty, swishy, pirate sort of way...
David Mamets State and Main  it's a movie in a movie. The writing is fantastic and it's also funny.....  it's not on very often, but when it is, I'm there, on the sofa soaking up every word.....
there's 10. I have a lot more I'm sure, but this is where I stop for the day. My son lost his tooth and we have to go find it  :)