My summer plans

This summer started out to be a lazy do nothing fest..... but it's quickly filling up. I have a small list of things to do that are time consuming and rather difficult-then I add in two vacations and keeping the boy interested this summer.

I'm going on two vacations with my Mom this summer. Yes, two. Yes, I am 44.  Think what you will, but it's a good way to get out of dodge pretty cheap. We are going on our annual thrift store/garage sale trip next week. 3 days of going to every craptastic place in a 200 mile radius. Eating out of plastic and driving a lot. Hoping to find just one cool thing to bring home.  Later this summer, we are all going out to Pennsylvania to shop, eat, and look at the Amish. Notice I do not say take pictures, as you shouldn't take pictures of the Amish- they don't like it.

At the old house, I need to do some work. I need to hack away the lower hillside that is becoming so overgrown that it looks like a south American jungle. I want to fix the back deck (2 rotten boards and some ugly plastic furniture that needs replaced) and I need to move some plants that are no longer in good places for them.

I need to fix the paint on our house- there are some spots that need fixing and the railings need another coat of white (although it too will probably just peel off)

I need to paint my office, put up heavy duty shelves for books and try to make it less of a catch all and more of a studio/library.

I need to clean out the lower planting raised beds and put down black plastic for next year- we didn't use them this year as last year we had some uunknown tomato plague that destroyed the crop and this year we had the septic leakage which, although didn't have anything actually do with actual planting beds, made the back yard a rather unpleasant place to be for a while this spring.....

I need to get the boy riding a bike without training wheels, riding a scooter and learning his math and money.

It's going to be a busy summer after all....

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Anne (in Reno) said...

Sounds like quite the summer! I love how any plans for a nice quiet relaxing summer seem to dissipate before it's even officially summer. It sounds like you and your mom are going to have a great time, I'm jealous! I wish I could go on more vacations with my mom.

Too bad about the septic leakage, it sounds less than appetizing to do some of those garden projects. The painting and stuff is always satisfying to get done though, so show us some pictures so we can vicariously feel productive! And make sure you have some fun!