Pulling Treads IS Faye Tality

In honor of Mel, her birthday and her love of roller derby- Dress a friend Monday is all about roller derby. Both skating in and going to. Obviously, you must have a name. You can't be a roller girl with the name Susan or Lisa, it's just not done. So Pulling thread  is now Faye Tality.  I didn't go as far as Wende and name the team though. I just don't have that in my today.  I also decided that for this project, I based it less on what she would wear in real life ( because I know she doesn't wear skates and a helmet around normally) and what I thought was a little fun for a night out.

I hope you like it!

Not only do you get fishnets- but you also get Under Armour!

Then this is either for the party after OR if you were going to the derby for a night out with the girls to party. Last time I went to the roller derby (in Austin Tx) we snuck drinks in-so I gave you a flask and a go cup- the iconic Red Solo cup.

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