It's a throwback sleepover for pulling threads...

When I was smaller, we had sleepovers all the time- nailpolish, movies, the oujia and the 8 ball-we'd talk about boys and  who liked us. As I got older-my early 30's(!)- my friends and I still had sleepovers- but co ed ones. But, it wasn't  AT ALL what you might think it's about.

We would have a house party and our core group-kenny, kevin, warren, diane, myself, a few others would sleep over. This included a lot of adult beverages, movies, loud 80's music and BBQ. We would tell funny stories, talk bad about people we knew and complain about our jobs. In the morning we would raise our still-drunk asses off the floor and go out for brunch downtown and spend the day out and about.  They were some of the best times of my life.  I miss them a lot.

I kept this PJ sleepover set more retro and fun, with a few options for pj's!

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