Wende, this one (or three) is for you

Don't hate me Wende. Here are the things I thought about when confronted with trying to figure out style options for you.

Then there's this

wende by lojo43 featuring Theory

or this..



drwende said...

Far from hating you, I am mightily amused!

I'd suspected that we'd see some overlay of the stylist's personal style in these, so if anything, you've made me less nervous about doing mine for Mel!

(And I'd totally love the taffeta dress if it weren't brown!)

LOJO said...

I know, the brown killed me, but that was all they had in polyvore!
I knew you loved the long skirts, but I wanted to show some other stuff- and yes, my style does show through- I've been watching too much Project Runway!

Mella DP said...

Oh, I LOVE that brown dress. And I think the earrings were good picks.

Bridget Callahan said...

I will covet that brown dress for the rest of my natural life.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I can kind of see all of these working if you made them all black.

And I am fourthing the love for that gorgeous dress.