Week 4 round up... and not a mirror in sight.

Thought I would end out week 4 before I go posting anything fun from Polyvore. Besides, it's cold and nasty out today and Dr. Who is on marathon (the NEW Dr. is finally on in the states tonight) so the boy and I will be watching that all day long. He has allergies pretty bad so no outdoor time this weekend. The pollen was coming down like RAIN on Thursday and he and I were both his hard....

On to my given tasks...
1.Consider.  I want to draw attention to my eyes and hair.  My eye makeup routine is solid AND I colored my hair this week (even got a compliment on it from a stranger in a parking lot-an old lady so it wasn't even creepy) so that's good to go. I want to downplay my skin, but that's not going to happen as I have developed Rosacea over the past few years and there is no actual cure for that.

2.Dump.  Did that too. Got rid of 7 or 8 year old hair care supplies, the unknown shampoo bottle and a few loose makeup bits . Cleaned the baskets I carry them in and my medicine cabinet. There is lots of room now. I just need to wash my cosmetics bags and brushes.

3. Evaluate.  I still have to get a new moisturizer- one that doesn't freak out my face and one that makes my arms less scaly.  I have a low maintance routine. I don't wash my hair daily- it does horrid things to both my color and my hair if I do- it works best for my hair if it's washed every other day or even every third day in the winter. If I blow dry it and  use a big round brush to blow it out- with my volumizer spray- then I don't have to worry about curling it again until I wash it next. I have my makeup down to what I need to do and it takes 5 to 10 minutes- and that's it.

My nails could use some attention, both hands and toes. I never use nail polish on my hands - polish doesn't stick to my nails. When a polish should last a week, it lasts 12 hours even if I don't do anything at all. Laying on the sofa will cause my nail polish to chip I swear. Plus, I need to do a better job of shaving my legs now that it's summer.

4.Fantasize. Take a look at the era you chose as a favorite for clothing. Does it provide any insights into directions for hair and make-up?
Nope. I get nothing. I'm ok with that, I like my hair and makeup right now.  As long as I can find my hair color I will be a ok.

Hunt and habit-form.  I am still looking for (and googling and reading about ) moisturizers.   I am also always looking for a nail polish that doesn't fall off my nails in 12 hours. Other than that I am really good this time around.
My take aways. I find myself in good shape I think. Moisturizer and nail polish and a good razor. I can do this.


Middle Aged Woman said...

I have a little sample bottle of a redness reducer called Eau Thermale Avene. It's hypoallergenic and has an SPF 25 in it. It really helps. If you'd like the sample, I'd be happy to mail it to you to try. Also, stay away from chocolate and cheese! That's what makes me flare up.

LOJO said...

Cheese? sweet baby jesus. I love cheese. I can live without the chocolate but cheese? NOOOOOOOOO!

thanks for the offer of the sample, but I'm guessing that stuff is super expensive and I would HATE to love it and then have to go BUY it.;)

Bridget Callahan said...

I just noticed how awesome your icon picture is.